Local Scholarship Disbursements

The following scholarships are disbursed via Aspen High School. Please complete THIS FORM to initiate release of the funds to your college or university. You will be required to enter your college issued student ID number, provide an address for the financial aid office or bursar's office at your college and upload a copy of the thank you note you sent to the donors.

Alex Terral Memorial Writing Scholarship

Futures Fund Scholarship

Glah Family Opportunity Award

North of Nell Scholarship

Poppycock's Scholarship

School Resource Officer Scholarship

Pitkin County Healthy Rivers Scholarship

Student Leadership/Dan Van Domelen Scholarship

C.Welton Anderson Awards (Rising Star, Ambassador, Humanitarian, Independent Spirit, Life-long Learner, Leading Light)

All other scholarships are disbursed via the donor organizations themselves. Please refer to the information you received at the Senior Awards & Scholarship Ceremony.

Application Procedure


Scholarship donors and selection committee members are busy reviewing scholarship applications. For students who have applied for financial need-based local scholarships, use this form to provide information regarding financial aid packages you have received from your top choice schools or from the school where you have decided to attend.

Please submit this form no later than the end of school on Friday, April 7th

Of course, students have until May 1st to decide where they will attend school next year, however, scholarship donors are very interested in your shortlist and financial aid/merit scholarships offered by those schools. Remember, if you have questions about financial aid packages received or if you would like help weighing your options, please schedule a meeting with your Post-Secondary Counselor.


Aspen High School also offers several merit- and character-based awards that are selected by faculty and do not require an application.  These awards, some of which include a financial component, will be presented at the Senior Awards & Local Scholarship Ceremony

Alex Terral Memorial Writing Scholarship

Aspen Scholars Awards

Athletes of the Year

Booster Club Character Counts Sportsmanship Award

Carson Clettenberg Award

C. Welton Anderson Faculty Awards

Jimmy Ross Coaches Award Scholarship

“Pacesetter” Department Awards

Patricia H. Hodgson Memorial Scholarship

Philanthropic Educational Organization, Local Aspen Chapter

Principal's Award

Student Leadership/Dan VanDomelen Scholarship

William Sandersen Veterans Memorial (Principal’s Choice) Scholarship