College Mini Fair Tues. 4/23
College Mini Fair Tues. April 23
Meeting Scheduler

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  • 1st Individual Junior & Parent Meeting (after Thanksgiving)
  • 2nd Individual Junior & Parent Meeting (in the Spring)
  • Optional 3rd Individual Meeting


Students with last names beginning A-K will work with Karen Hawkes, L-Z with Brennan Dignan.

*Please, before your 1st Individual Meeting both students and parents are asked to complete short intake surveys. ****Intake for Students|Intake for Parents.


Aspen High School uses the Scoir platform for college exploration, research and for managing your college list. It is also how AHS electronically submits all of the documents that support college applications - transcript, school profile, secondary school report, teacher recs, counselor rec, etc.

Class of 2025

The second semester of junior year is when things really get going in terms of post-secondary planning and we want to make sure you are aware of our services and some upcoming events.

Individual Meetings: It is so important that all juniors have at least two individual meetings before the end of the year. Please schedule your Individual Meetings with either Karen (students with last names A-K) or Brennan (L-Z) as soon as possible. Click here to schedule your meetings (scroll down to the Juniors section). Students are not allowed to miss class for these meetings. Please schedule before school or during SET, lunch, or a free period. So that the individual meetings are as productive as possible, completed junior and parent intake forms are requested.

SCOIR: All Juniors should have an active Scoir account. Scoir is an online tool that Aspen High School students use to research colleges, register for our virtual college visits, and where students will build and manage their college list. Parents may also join Scoir to use the same college exploration tools and to suggest schools for their child to consider. Contact Susanne Morrison with any questions/issues about Scoir.

Teacher Recommendations: Letters of recommendation from teachers are a very important part of a student’s college application. Now is the time that juniors should request letters of recommendation from teachers - please follow the guidelines outlined in this Teacher Letter of Rec Document** **and of course talk to your Post-Secondary Counselor with any questions. Click here for more information.

College List: Students should be working with their Post-Secondary Counselor to build a personalized "best fit" list. We encourage students to start researching colleges: online (via Scoir, other websites like Niche, and virtual tours on college websites) and in person if possible.

Testing: Even though many colleges and universities are now test-optional, all Colorado juniors are automatically registered for the School Day SAT on April 10 (in the new digital format). Students interested in practice tests, should log into their CollegeBoard account to access the Bluebook digital platform. In mid-February, we will hold a session during SET to make sure that all juniors have access to Bluebook and practice tests. Some students will choose to take additional SAT or ACT tests. Please talk with your Post-Secondary counselor about a personalized testing plan.

Internships, volunteer opportunities, and employment: Post-Secondary Counseling has put together a list of local internship and volunteer opportunities ranging from the Aspen Institute to Rocky Mountain Youth Corps to Anderson Ranch as well as dozens of local businesses that love to hire Aspen High School students. Check out our Employment & Enrichment Opportunities webpage and/or plan to attend a Summer Jobs Fair specifically for AHS students during SET on April 18th.

Mark Your Calendars:

April 4 - College Visit SCAD, during SET in the Art Department

April 5 - Campus Tour Colorado Mesa University, Grand Juctions

April 10 - School Day SAT, during school

April 11 - College Application Case Study & College Mini Fair, 6pm in person (see below)

April 18 - Summer Jobs Fair, during SET in the Skier Dome

April 23 - ROAR College Visits

April 29 - Rising Senior Check-in, during SET

May 2 - Career Panel Talks: Hospitality, Trades & More, during SET

May 15 - Final Junior & Parent Meeting, 5:30pm virtual
We really look forward to working with each of you.

Karen, Brennan and Susanne

Junior year Priorities:

Keep your focus on your academic

Establish good study habits

Stay engaged with activities that interest you -- clubs, volunteering, sports, work

Start thinking about your post-secondary plans

Start researching colleges/programs of interest and connect with schools; Colorado Western Slope College Fair (Oct. 1) and workshops

Get to know a few of your teachers well. 

Start discussing the affordability of college as a family. 

Schedule your 1st individual meeting with your Post-Secondary Counselor for anytime after Thanksgiving, then another in late winter or spring.