Who do I contact about ExEd courses?

Please contact our AHS Admin Assistant/Financial Secretary, Alice Black (ablack@aspenk12.net, 970-925-3760 ext. 1124).

Who do I contact about my child's fee balance or for assistance with submitting payment for my child's fees?

Please contact our AHS Admin Assistant/Financial Secretary, Alice Black (ablack@aspenk12.net, 970-925-3760 ext. 1124).

Who do I contact to report my child's absence or to inform the school of a future absence?

Please contact our AHS Attendance Secretary, Itsel Zuniga Torres (izunigatorres@aspenk12.net, 970-925-3760 ext. 1126).

What is Powerschool?

Powerschool is the student information system/database that is utilized by the Aspen School District.  We use the "Forms" feature to enroll new students.  Parents of Aspen High School students should have a Powerschool account.  It will enable them to access grades and attendance; request reports; email teachers; and more.

When will I receive my student email address and be issued a student Powerschool account?

Aspenk12 email accounts and student Powerschool accounts are issued after a student's enrollment is finalized by our school Registrar.   New student account credentials will be emailed to guardians within 48 hours of their enrollment.

I previously attended Aspen Community School or Aspen Country day school. How will my class schedule be created?

Our counselors will use the responses you provided on your Freshman Course Request form to create your class schedule.

How can I schedule a new student appointment with a school counselor?

AHS Registrar, Jolaine Pfeifer will reach out to parents/guardians of new students with a link to the AHS Counselor appointment booking portal after they have completed the enrollment process.

What’s the purpose of my New Student appointment with an AHS Counselor?

A counselor will meet with you to review your high school transcript, discuss educational goals and create a class schedule.

What do I need to prepare for my virtual "New Student appointment"?

Before a student meets with a counselor, they will need to provide AHS Registrar, Jolaine Pfeifer, with a copy of their high school transcript and any educational support or accommodation documents. We ask that these documents be submitted no later than 2 business days prior to your appointment.

How long will my virtual "New student appointment" last?

Each appointment will last approximately 30-40minutes.  Each counselor has limited availability and wants to accommodate as many students as possible. We ask that you only schedule one appointment, per family.

What if I need to reschedule my "New Student appointment"?

We utilize an effective appointment booking portal.  After booking your appointment, you will automatically receive a confirmation notice along with a link to use should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.