Extended Essay (EE)

Extended Essay Coordinator - Eileen Knapp


Extended Essay -The extended essay is a research paper that is no more than 4,000 words in which students investigate and create new connections and ideas into a topic in which they are passionate.

Benefits of the Extended Essay

2023 Diploma Graduates EE Research Questions:

Samantha Edelman - What are the effects of ecotourism on Aspen and Steamboat Colorado's snow melt?

Riley MacArthur - How does Hanya Yanagihara portray identity through limitations of trauma in her characters in A Little Life?

Chloe Smith - To what extent was the traditional Chinese midicinal use of bear bile the cause of the Asiatic Black Bear's exploitation and endangered wild population in China?

Peter de Wetter - How did Peter Moore use the elements and principles of design to create an appealing aesthetic and composition in the Nike Air Jordan 1 High "Chicago"?

Elleana Bone- How do Disney and the Grimm Brothers's respective versions of Cinderella perpetuate misogyny through classical gender stereotypes?

Haver Muss-Nichols - How does Tarantino's use of film elements provide a heightened and suspended reality for his viewers and audience?

Josie Siegfried - What are the most beneficial socialization tactics to help school aged children with Moderate to Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Carolina Azevedo - Through what means does J.Cole conveys the struggle and oppression of the black community through his lyrics?

Jude Hanson - Based on written perspectives, why was the Vietnam War an unjust war according to the Just War Theory?

Claire Anderson - What is the correlation between ballet and eating disorders and which approach (sociocultural, biological, or cognitive) to anorexia is the most prevalent in dancers?

Fatima Flores - How do Nina Simone and the group El Teatro Campesino use "song lyrics" in order to approach social injustice? (1963-1979)

Sophie Genshaft - To what extent does Bruce Springsteen's reflection of imagery through growing up as a poor child inform us about the American dream?

Moritz Johnson - To what extent will Nexii's focus on innovation help establish them as market leaders in the green construction industry?

Beckham Nettleton - How have the techniques and editing softwares used to produce movies significantly changed over time?

Maya Leshem - What is the effect of the varying levels of Lactobacilli bacteria found in the gut on the general functionality of digestion and the effects this has on one's mental health?

Natalie Wesner - How is happiness and its properties evaluated from both molecular and psychological standpoints?

Alex Schlosser - Should the MLB keep the luxury tax or switch to a hard-set salary cap?

Alex Shiland - How did the Design of Popular Album Covers Change Over Time?

Evelyn Stefli - What is the relationship between the radius and angular velocity of a spinning figure skater?

Putri Hunting - To what extent should Patagonia use green marketing techniques to add growth to the company?

Carolyn Tanner - To what extent was control achieved and resistance suppressed in Cambodia under Pol Pot and in Uganda under Idi Amin?

Oceane Jones - Who were the most influential Enlightenment Philosophers to the American Revolution?

Lilly Justice - How did Patagonia become the market leader of benefit corporations and how will they continue this growth?

Marilyn Luspin - How will Pfizer's innovative research help them become a leader in the pharmaceutical industry?

Ricardo Saucedo - How has Liberty Media's acquisition of Formula One impacted Formula One's success in the US?

Corrie Buchanan - To what extent did King Narmer truly unite Upper and Lower Egypt (3150 - 2880 BCE)?

Jade Hanson - How did Pablo Picasso's Culture Aspects Affect his Artwork?

Maddie Hicks - To what extent has the Pop Art Movement of the 1960s influenced modern-day street art?

Bliss Hemstreet - How has the increased popularity of online shopping and social media marketing impacted the sales, production, and trends of Off-White?