Behind the Wheel

Our Behind the Wheel Instruction provides 6 hours of drive time with a State Certified Instructor in the AHS Driver's Education car. Students who want to obtain their license at 16 yrs of age must have 50 hours of logged driving time and 6 hours with an instructor. Students who are over 16 years and 6 months and have held their permit for one year may test although successful completion of the drive test requires knowledge of the standards tested.

Topics that will be covered include: knowing your vehicle, adjusting the seat and mirrors, proper signaling, vision patterns, road markings, signage, rural and city driving, and more.

Completion of our Behind the Wheel Instruction combined with your additional practice will prepare you to pass the Colorado DMV Driver License Exam (See below for more information on this).

PLEASE NOTE: All Behind the Wheel driving sessions are subject to appropriate weather and road conditions. Your instructor will contact you if conditions are unsafe.

*Additional BTW hours can be arranged at an additional charge. Please discuss this with your driving instructor if you are interested.

Behind the Wheel Lesson Outline


$360 if you have taken our 30 hour class

$400 if you did not take our 30 hour class

$70 per additional hour for high school students

$100 per hour for adults

Please see below for additional information and to register for one of these programs.

Behind the Wheel Lessons Registration