The counseling department is committed to participating and maintaining a comprehensive program that supports all student’s academic, social and emotional, and personal development.

AHS counselors provide individual counseling and mediation, academic advisement/scheduling, and crisis intervention to students, as well as supportive services to parents/guardians, families, and staff. They align their practices and principles with the ASCA framework (American School Counselor Association), and follow the CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) curriculum.

Counselors are involved in a variety of services that range from community outreach to in-building and out of building committees.


As a Colorado youth, you are eligible for 3 FREE counseling sessions! Check out to learn more.

Service Provided

Examples of services provided by our school counselors are listed below:

  • 1:1 counseling support

  • Small social/emotional groups

  • Academic scheduling and academic interventions/support

  • Accommodation plan case management (504’s, ALP’s)

  • Peer to peer and student to teacher mediation

  • Mental health counseling and outside counseling referrals

  • Family meetings to address student concerns

  • Classroom presentations that align with ASCA standards and skills

  • Substance use/abuse interventions

  • Crisis intervention