Students today are inundated with technology that provides them with instant access to information and a global reach. This immediacy to information is transforming how students learn and interact with teachers and each other in a way that cannot yet be defined. The Aspen School District is a dynamic learning environment where students and teachers use technology to access, explore, analyze, and employ information in a way that engages the student, assists the teacher, and supports curricular goals. To this end the Aspen School District wants to provide students with access to student-centered learning opportunities in and out of school that only the use of technology can provide. For those students unable to bring their own device please review Aspen School District's Chromebook Take-Home Program as an alternative option
Currently, the District does not own or have the support for each student, grades 9-12 to have a school-owned device (laptop or Chromebook) with them at all times during the school day. Therefore, The District's vision of preparing technologically skilled students who are equipped to succeed in the 21st Century global technology-driven society, falls a bit short if students don't have access when and where they need it. A BYOD - Bring Your Own Device program will afford students grades 9-12 the ability to bring a personally owned device (laptop or Chromebook are recommended) to school for use in classes as directed by their teachers. The comfort and ease of using one's own device makes time on task focused and efficient as opposed to navigating a device you are not familiar with
The District has committed to a cloud based workflow using Google Apps that will facilitate an anytime, anywhere, student-centered learning model. Additionally, having less of a hardware inventory to manage, the District can focus its technology resources where they matter, in the classroom helping teachers deliver engaging lesson plans using technology as a tool to prepare our students to compete in a 21st century global marketplace
With increased access to technology comes an increased need for the District's students to be good digital citizens. As part of its BYOD initiative, the Aspen School District has committed to using a digital citizenship curriculum from The resources available from this site will help our students learn how to make smart decisions while using their devices in and out of school. also has resources for parents to use in order to help navigate the digital world our students live in
Please use the navigation buttons at the top of this page to access an FAQ, the District's policies around BYOD, and a link to the website.

BYOD Policies & Forms

For students bringing their own device, please review the BYOD Policy.
For students who need a school issued device, please read, fill out, and sign (parent signature required) the Chromebook Take-Home Program form
Para los estudiantes que necesitan un dispositivo proporcionado por la escuela, por favor lea, complete y firme (se requiere la firma de los padres) el formulario del programa Chromebook Take-Home.