Summer Flight Training

Summer is the perfect time to start your flight training journey! With longer days and clear skies, it's an ideal season to earn your wings and explore the world of aviation. Aspen Flight Academy offers a unique opportunity to learn to fly in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. Whether you're aiming to become a private pilot or simply want to experience the joy of flying with the Every Student Flies program, their expert instructors are here to guide you every step of the way. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Visit the Aspen Flight Academy website today to schedule your summer flight lessons and take the first step toward achieving your aviation dreams.

The "Every Student Flies" Program

The Aspen Flight Academy has partnered with Aspen High School on this unique and exciting program.

Students will experience flying with a Certified Flight Instructor and tour Aspen Airport's FAA Control Tower.

With the Aspen School District and the Aspen Educational Foundation, three elective courses are offered at Aspen High School to prepare students to fly.

The program also provides students with information about aviation careers, college programs, flight training and scholarships.

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